Frequently Asked Questions

How does 2nd Radiology Opinion work?

Patients or physicians register online and then submit their images online to our secure server. Once our offices receives the images, a subspecialty radiologist will review them, formulate and send you report. Depending on your selection, there may also be a personal consultation and review of the images with you detail. If you are unable to submit your images online, you can mail them to our office via courier at our expense.

Why are 2nd Opinions important?

2nd Opinions are an important aspect of medicine and diagnostic imaging as it can often locate missed findings which can be important in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, cancers, and ailments.

Are 2nd Opinions common practice in the medical field?

Yes! 2nd Opinions are routinely done in the medical field in all specialties. In diagnostic imaging, studies have shown that upto ~8 percent of clinically important findings are missed. We help to eliminate those misses by providing subspecialty expert opinoins in a tailorized and personal manner. We will listen to your symptoms and provide a detailed report to your satisfication so that you understand your imaging findings.

Does my health insurance cover 2nd Opinions?

In Ontario, OHIP will cover 2nd opinion reports in most circumstances so long as a physician referral is obtained.

In the US, your insurance may cover 2nd opinion reports, however, we request payment from the patient/physician/client via credit card or PayPal. You may then submit your claim independently to your health care insurance provider. We cannot guarantee that will be covered.

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